ADL International
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P. IVA: 04444860235


ADL International is one of the most authoritative Italian brand in producing handmade marble mosaics, technical and artistic. Founded in 2001 in Verona, the home world of the stone work, ADL International and its founder Donato Larizza, develop the first decorative solutions renewing the thirty years family experience in the world of stone.

Today ADL International is a dynamic company where the cutting edge of manufacturing processes is combined with the changing aesthetic and chromatic needs of the market. In ADL International creativity, experience and precision of composition come together in a single distinctive element called quality.

The very large production is based on the combined use of more than 40 different materials (marble, granite, slate, sandstone), more than 20 tile formats, 40 assembly solutions and 5 different surface finishes. A multitude of well 8000 aesthetic proposals that represent the basis to meet the world of architecture and interior design.

The belief that only the continuous research can bring new development and notoriety has allowed us to present Rainbow Stone in 2012, a new decorative concept where sign, image and matter merge to become distinctive graphic element for the decoration of the walls in the most diverse areas of architecture.

Research, experience, precision and passion, this is what we believe in, this is what distinguishes a true artisan product Made in Italy.

100% Made in Italy