Rainbow Stone®

Rainbow Stone®
Rainbow Stone® is the brand new project from ADL International which eliminates all dimensional and economic barriers to creativity in the world of natural-stone decorated mosaics. The main objective is to enable the widest degree of customisation in terms of design and colour combinations, with a variety of stones and surface finishes, all at a more competitive cost than any other traditional mosaic solutions. Accurate colours and high detail ensure the visual sharpness of the overall design, even at close range. The entire production process is completely natural and maintains all aspects of quality, with certified resistance techniques in conformance with international standards.

With Rainbow Stone® every wall will be your wall. Exclusive and unrepeatable, never the same as others, because you will decide what you want for your unique, customised mosaic. Choose from the stones and formats available, send us your request and you will receive technical details for creating your idea, with the certainty of achieving superb aesthetic and technical quality.

The collections:

  • 2012 - Scenery: Forest 01, Wind 02, Sushi, Goldy 04, Goldensea 07, Personalized
  • Images full height wall with the possibility of developing personalized drawings and images.

  • 2013 - Arabesque, Cachemire, Fabric, Flower, Leaf, Minimal
  • The possibility to choose between four different finishes and a modular format, easy to install.

  • Micro
  • A design for each tile in four different sizes; you decide the percentage of the decor.