Classic mosaic

marmo spessore

From its very beginnings, ADL International has based its entire production process for mosaic goods on careful research and select raw materials. The company also prides itself in its meticulous search for different solutions for finishes, formats and compositions. Marble, stone, granite and slate are all natural materials which are never exactly the same. In fact, ADL International accentuates the distinguishing marks that Nature creates, recognising their value and timeless splendour.

Thirty marbles, six granites, four different finishes, five natural split slates, twenty-one tile formats, thirty-six composition solutions all go to make up the universe of solutions that can satisfy even the most discerning designer. The opportunity provided for "made-tomeasure" solutions, places ADL International among the leading names in the world of quality natural stone mosaics.

In our laboratories the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 is strictly applied.